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For the first time in over 20 years, this “category killer” domain name is being offered for sale on the open market. The term “work permit” has been in existence for decades and it is understood worldwide to mean “permission to work legally”.

In an increasingly competitive market, this domain could be used to great advantage by those who provide services in this area (immigration lawyers / advisors) as way to
• Improve their online presence and reach globally.
• Establish a competitive edge in terms of lead generation / marketing.

Alternatively, it could serve as the perfect name for a content and lead generation / price /service comparison portal.

This is a Great opportunity for

Lawyers and immigration advisors

  • Those already working in the immigration field or those looking to expand into it.
  • Those looking to offer services into new destination countries.

Global relocation companies

Digital players

involved in online lead generation and distribution.

How will it work?

• We are inviting offers and are open to any offers in excess of £1,000 GBP.
• The process will operate similarly to a “sealed bid” auction. Put simply, at the end of the auction period, we will sell to the party that makes the highest offer.
• We are due to close off for offers on 15th January 2021.
• Those who make an offer are making a legally binding commitment to buy the domain name

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